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Mobile Notary Public Company in Sacramento

We offer the best, most reliable, fastest Mobile Notary Company available in the Sacramento Metropolitan area. With an easily scheduled appointment you are assured that are notary agent will show up at your location to notarize your document on time and in the most convenient place for you. It is often impossible to get to a notary after normal business hours. We make visits to homes, offices, hospitals, etc at any time of day. We go where we are needed when we are needed. Our mobile notarization services provide assurance that the signer of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. We check all identification carefully prior to notarization. We make appropriate logbook entries and affix our stamp and embossed seal. Our Mobile Notary Company in Sacramento always verify and complete the notarization including date and location, notarized documents require the State of California and County where the notarization took place.

For your protection our notary agents carry the official California State Commission licensing – issued to our authorized notary. We make photo ID available of our drivers’ licenses. In addition, we always provide our business card and a receipt of your payment is in cash, check, or credit card. As representatives of the California Department of State we take our function in the notary industry very seriously.

We require that the document is NOT signed prior to our mobile notary agents arrival. If signed already you can re-sign it in the presence of our mobile notary agent. We cannot provide “notarization via fax” because the personal appearance is needed by signer in front of our mobile notary agent is always required. We also decline to pre/post date document notarization’s under all circumstances. The document date is the effective date of the document and is not the date of notarization. The notarization date is the actual date the signer appeared before our mobile notary agent in Sacramento and signed the document. We have completed thousands of notarization Sacramento citywide. For your convenience we can provide a very flexible rate structure to accommodate your needs. We have been contracted by the hour if needed or by the notarization and travel time.

Sacramento Signing Agent of the Sacramento Mobile Notary Company is a fully integrated agent of the Sacramento Mobile Notary Service Company, serving the greater metropolitan Sacramento area.

  • In carrying out our notary business responsibilities it is our goal to:
  • Price our mobile notary services fairly and competitively.
  • Provide all our clients with the professional respect.
  • Facilitate closings in the fastest most competent manner.
  • Perform all Sacramento signings with honesty and integrity.
  • Offer exemplary customer service which enhances the image of our company.

We can travel to your home, business, hospital or anywhere that is convenient for you. Sacramento Mobile Notaries is available for Signing Agent Services 7 days a week 24 hours a day, afternoons, mornings and evenings.

At Sacramento Mobile Notary Service, we uphold our reputation as being the leader in the notary industry in Sacramento California.

It is our belief that customer service and expertise are the main component to receive repeat business. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. It is our companies goal to provide a pleasant and professional experience at all times. This would includes everything from booking an appointment to corresponding with the borrower and all parties involved and wearing the proper attire, completing the signing documents and invoicing the transaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available seven days a week 24 hours a day. The scheduling coordinator handles all incoming calls and schedules appointments, or offers help on forms and answers all questions. Their main functions are to set up and track each notarized signing to its completion. We stay in contact with our customers, working with each them to set the appointments and keeping them informed or any changes or problems or situations that may occur with the document signing.

The demographics of Sacramento are unique and unlike any other city in the world. We are familiar and comfortable navigating in all cities in Sacramento Valley. Due to the current economic conditions in the real estate and mortgage and legal industries, we have seen a relative increase in the volume of signings in Sacramento.

Sacramento Mobile Notary Company is here to help you with any questions or document signing needs you may have. (916) 550-4394