Real Estate Mobile Notary Service In Sacramento

Real Estate Mobile Notary Service in Sacramento California

A Mobile Mortgage Notary Signing Agent is commissioned as a California Notary Public whose specialty is to obtain, process and notarize the signature of an individual or company involved in real estate loan documents. In order to close a real estate loan transaction and fulfill necessary requirements. Lenders that offer correspondent loans throughout the country need competent Mobile Mortgage Notary Signing Agents in order to complete the notarizing and signing. Including portions of a real estate loan transaction in the most professional, accurate and reliable manner. We offer Notary Signing Agents throughout Sacramento California.

The task of a Mobile Mortgage Signing Agent is critical to the success in funding and closing of any transaction. A Mobile Mortgage Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who has completed specific courses with the knowledge needed when presenting documents in real estate refinance and purchase loan transactions. Mobile Notary Signing Agents may take an examination in order to test and display their knowledge of the accurate Loan Document Signing Process and Notary Public Laws in Sacramento, California.

Mobile Notary Public in Sacramento for Real Estate

The main difference between real estate closing and other legal transactions is the scale of commitments on each side of the agreement and the intricacy of safeguards for each within the law. There are documents about the property, the title, and it’s mortgage that will finance it’s sale.

Disclosures regarding the property’s current condition and any encumbrances are required to be provided by the seller. The various provisions within the mortgage need to be explained prior to the buyer who must attest they have seen and understood the disclosures. Nearly all of the documents must be notarized, and it is important to have a mobile notary public witness even if they do not specifically require notarization. Since the notary is an objective witness and an outside party to the transaction they make a perfect witness.

We Ensure Quick and Successful Closings

As mobile signing agents we can ensure that your closings are carried out without logistical hitches that might delay the mortgage. Our experience within this area is solid with bullet-proof quality control. We guarantee that Sacramento Mobile Notary Service will have a qualified mobile notary public present. All of the documents are returned via UPS, USPS, or FedEx.