Types of Mobile Notary Public Services in California

Sacramento Mobile Notary Services

The following are the different types of notary services performed in California. Each has a description to define the purpose and use of each different mobile notary service.

Sometimes the exact wording is not found on the document you need notarized. If this happens you, you should:

  • Ask the document creator, or the agency, what type of notarization they need. 
  • You may also seek advice from an attorney. 
  • You also have the option of choosing the act.
  • A notary may not advise/choose the notarial act.

These are notarial acts that are performed in Sacramento California:


The signer is present before the Notary agent, then identified, and signs the document with the specific document requirements according to the type of notary.

Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witnesses

An individual to having watched the signer, sign the document and witness signing themselves. They must have two credible witnesses that has valid Federal or State ID or who the notary personally knows in front of the notary.


The signer personally appears to the notary, who is identified, signs in the presence of the notary, and is administered an oath or affirmation declaring the truthfulness of the document.


Spoken promises of truthfulness made in the presence of the Notary (e.g., Oath of Office, witness for depositions, testimony).

Copy Certification

Notary certifies a copy as an accurate reproduction of the original document.

Powers of Attorney

For copy certification of other documents, the Copy Certification by Document Custodian may be executed by the notary. The signer certifies the copy as an accurate reproduction of the original document by having the notary administer an oath.