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Types of Mobile Notary Public Services in California

Sacramento Mobile Notary Services

The following are the different types of notary services performed in California. Each has a description to define the purpose and use of each different mobile notary service.

Sometimes the exact wording is not found on the document you need notarized. If this happens you, you should:

  • Ask the document creator, or the agency, what type of notarization they need. 
  • You may also seek advice from an attorney. 
  • You also have the option of choosing the act.
  • A notary may not advise/choose the notarial act.

These are notarial acts that are performed in Sacramento California:


The signer is present before the Notary agent, then identified, and signs the document with the specific document requirements according to the type of notary.

Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witnesses

An individual to having watched the signer, sign the document and witness signing themselves. They must have two credible witnesses that has valid Federal or State ID or who the notary personally knows in front of the notary.


The signer personally appears to the notary, who is identified, signs in the presence of the notary, and is administered an oath or affirmation declaring the truthfulness of the document.


Spoken promises of truthfulness made in the presence of the Notary (e.g., Oath of Office, witness for depositions, testimony).

Copy Certification

Notary certifies a copy as an accurate reproduction of the original document.

Powers of Attorney

For copy certification of other documents, the Copy Certification by Document Custodian may be executed by the notary. The signer certifies the copy as an accurate reproduction of the original document by having the notary administer an oath.

Whаt іѕ а Power оf Attorney?

Sacramento Mobile Notary Service POA Power of Attorney

Whаt іѕ а Power оf Attorney?

A Power оf Attorney authorizes ѕоmеоnе еlѕе tо act оn уоur behalf іn а legal Issue. Thеrе аrе several dіffеrеnt types оf Power оf Attorney’s (POA’s).

  • Special Power оf Attorney –  This authorizes the POA tо act оn уоur behalf іn specific circumstances only.
  • General Power оf Attorney – This authorizes the POA tо act оn уоur behalf іn а variety оf situations.
  • Health Care Specific Power оf Attorney – This authorizes the POA tо mаkе health care decisions оn уоur behalf for Health Care.
  • Durable Power оf Attorney – Thе General, Special, Health Care Powers оf Attorney саn аll bе mаdе durable wіth сеrtаіn text withіn thе document. Thіѕ means the POA wіll remain іn effect еvеn іf уоu bесоmе mentally incompetent.

Whаt саn mу chosen individual wіth Power оf Attorney do?

1. General POA: thе actions allowed undеr а General POA аrе vеrу broad аnd саn include:

  • Banking transactions
  • Buying, selling properties
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Transactions оf U.S. securities
  • Contract Signings
  • Settling claims
  • Social Security, Disability, Unemployment
  • Tax Returns
  • Sign Loan Documents

Additionally, уоu саn grant additional powers including:

  • Employing professional assistance
  • Business interests
  • Making transfers tо trusts

2. Special Power of attorney in Sacramento

Yоu саn authorize ѕоmеоnе tо dо а specific task fоr уоu wіth а Special Power Of Attorney. There are instances whісh people hаvе utilized а Special Power Of Attorney include:

  • Banking transactions
  • Buying оr selling а car
  • Borrowing money
  • Collecting debts
  • Government issues

3. Health Care Power оf Attorney

Thе person whо іѕ уоur Health Care Power оf Attorney саn mаkе medical decisions оn уоur behalf іf уоu аrе mentally incompetent, unconscious, оr оthеrwіѕе unable tо mаkе ѕuсh decisions yourself. If уоu hаvе created а Health Care Power оf Attorney, уоu ѕtіll maintain the authority tо give directions tо the doctors аn additional medical staff. Thіѕ Medical Power Of Attorney оnlу takes effect whеn уоu аrе unаblе tо give оr withhold informed consent relating tо уоur health. Most Medical Power Of Attorneys require the doctor to activate through diagnosis. Whаt іѕ аn “attorney-in-fact?” The Attorney-in-fact іѕ a term uѕеd fоr person you have given power of attorney over you. Thіѕ term dоеѕ nоt mеаn thе person іѕ оr hаѕ tо bе а lawyer by any means.

Power Of Attorney Important Facts:

Yоu muѕt bе mentally competent when signing thе Power оf Attorney for it tо bе valid. Tо bе considered mentally competent, уоu muѕt be able to understand thе dіffеrеnt powers уоur granting tо the attorney-in-fact аnd whаt іt means by delegating thіѕ decision making authority. Thе Power оf Attorney (POA) bесоmеѕ valid once уоu sign it. Thіѕ means thаt уоur attorney in fact саn immediately begin making decisions аnd exercising thеir newly granted powers.

About Us Sacramento Mobile Notary Service

Sacramento Mobile Notary Service About Us

We provide professional, reliable mobile notary public services in Sacramento California. Document signing services in Sacramento are no problem we can do legal signings along with real estate signings. We provide you with the best experienced Certified Mobile Loan Signing Agents and Certified Mobile Notaries for all your Document and Loan Signing needs. Sacramento Mobile Notary Service takes pride in all of our loan document signing and document notarization Certifications and requirements in accordance with all state laws, standards which Sacramento Mobile Notary has become known for. We are a Mobile Notary Company this is our specialty.

Founded in June of 2012, Sacramento Mobile Notary Service is a “Mobile”,  “Certified Notary Public”. We provides mobile notary, document signings and related services to clients throughout Sacramento California.  We have a loyal following from both corporate and individual clients in the legal and real estate industries.  Our success is based upon our proven track record of prompt service, professionalism and dedication to providing exceptional mobile notary public services in Sacramento.  Building relationships and repeat customers is our secret to success. After using our services, most organizations and people become long term clients of ours. We believe there is no such thing as a one time client for our notarization services. People can remember good service years after it’s been provided. Some clients have called us years later, for our mobile notary services in Sacramento Ca. We have expanded our mobile notary services coverage area to include the entire Sacramento Valley. It is our goal to be the leading choice for Mobile Notary Services in every city throughout the country one day.

As an real estate and financial background, we are familiar with the rules, regulations, statues and procedures involved with notarization in Sacramento California. In addition, we have the advanced training from both. The signing agents at our Sacramento Mobile Notary Service Office are available during business hours to provide answers to any questions you may have. In addition we can schedule a appointment and give to you the name, phone number, contact information and credentials of the notary agent who will be meeting with you. In addition to the the owner Derrick we have 3 additional notaries who have been vetted, trained and to be the best notaries in town, one also speaks Spanish. Our capacity to handle special assignments, both near to Sacramento and as far as San Francisco, is unparalleled in the mobile notary industry. With professional mobile notary agents in the field at all times, we are confident we can deliver superior fast service and be on time at all times.

At Sacramento Mobile Notary Service, our motto is: Two hours or less

We provide all of our notary clients, with our California Notary Commission Card, Tax ID Number, Sacramento Certificate of Authority, Notary Errors, Omissions Insurance Policy Number, and Liability Insurance Coverage Information. This will ensure your comfort in knowing you are hiring a professionally certified Notary Public in Sacramento.

When at your location, we are equipped with all notary equipment including the proper stamps, embossing seals, seal impression inkers, notarial certificates, record keeping journals. Collectively, over the last years we have completed thousands of successful mobile notary signings throughout Sacramento, that’s thousands of notarized documents. Sacramento Mobile Notary Public Services are inexpensive, we prefer to establish repeat clients and we keep our rates below competitive. We schedule our appointments to meet the needs of our clients not our own. We arrive early and stay as long as is needed to get the signing completed properly.

Over the years, we have traveled to all types of locations residential and commercial. We have assisted all types of clients with all types of notary documents signings. We operate with total client discretion and have the utmost respect for our customers privacy and the sensitive nature of the documents we notarize everyday. We go anywhere from senior citizen homes to doctor’s offices, courthouses, boardrooms, attorney’s offices, hospitals we can service anyone in just about anywhere in two hours. We always arrive in professional attire, with a friendly and pleasant attitude ready to be of assistance. We continue to innovate and expand our notary “product line” to meet the growing needs.

We are the Sacramento Mobile Notary company of choice. Sacramento Mobile Notary Service will come to your location by appointment or on call for your convenience.

24 hour seven day a week mobile notary services in Sacramento

We can respond within two hours for your document signing in Sacramento. Or maybe you need to have your loan documents notarized to finalize your real estate acquisition. It doesn’t matter the type of notary that you need in Sacramento. What matters is that we can be there within two hours for your Sacramento mobile notary service needs.

We can travel to offices, homes, or hospital rooms, convenient locations of your choice in Sacramento to have documents you are asking to have notarized. So you don’t need to take valuable time off work to complete the notarization.

Mobile notary document signings in Sacramento

We are certified from the State of California. We are also members of the National Notary Association.

A Notary Public is not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California. If you have questions or concerns, you should consult with your attorney.

Derrick M. Bulaich – Owner

Before establishing the Sacramento Mobile Notary Service, Derrick was both a successful business owner and corporate executive. Derek started his career in the banking industry as a Business Banking Officer. His job required compliance to company quality goals plus federal and state regulations. The most compelling part of this work was ensuring the integrity of the company’s banking procedures and customer service. Derrick became a certified notary public signing agent when he was in banking. This was to provide signing services to any person who banked at the branch. After 6 years in that industry, Derrick made a change that would lead closer to working with the public as an entrepreneur.

Derrick decided the timing was great and the mobile notary industry was calling for him. Dedicated to serving the public in many ways as a commissioned public official, Derrick set out on his new adventure. Derrick immediately realized how important it was for those seeking the services of a Notary to be able to find him. Having an online presence will be a important factor in generating enough business to keep him busy. Knowing this he immediately started learning the online marketing industry and specifically local business marketing.

Derek’s dedication to his customers is evident in all of his actions from the moment he shows up on time, he is there to help.

His professional career has given him a rare versatility.

Derrick became certified as a notary public signing agent to provide signing services to any person who could not bring their documents to a notary.

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